Academic Article Writing: How to Get it Published

Can you get your academic article writing published?

academic article writingMany academics are also aspiring writers and would like to get their works published and share what they know. However getting published is not as simple as just writing something. What you write has to be accepted by your targeted publication and written in just the way that they want it. Otherwise you are going to be joining the long list of frustrated authors out there. The following simple writing tips on academic article writing will help you to get your work published:

  • Start small: target a journal that is going to publish your work

It is unlikely if you are a student or an unpublished researcher that you will get yourself published in one of the premier journals for your field. Start off by targeting lesser known journals or student based publications within which you will have a better chance of being published. Not only does the lower level of competition help you to get published but it will also give you the practice that you will need for when you do target the main journals.

  • You have to say something new

Academic article writing needs to be about something that your audience has not seen before and it also needs to be important. You have to be able to find something within existing recognized research that lets you ask a question that just has not been asked before. The reader wants to hear something original but they are also going to want to see that there is a firm foundation for what you are proposing.

  • Choose your references carefully

Academic article writing should build on sources that are far more credible than a few websites. How your article is perceived will depend a huge amount on who you choose as the sources of the information that you use within your writing:

  • Cite from the journal you are being published within: the person making the decision as to whether your article should be published and also the potential readers will be far more familiar with work published within their pages
  • Use works that are regularly cited: look at how often particular articles are cited within your field of research and use some of the more regularly cited works. Your readers will be familiar with many of these and it shows that you have a good grounding within your field
  • Always go to the original source of information: many students and writers will cite work without actually following things back to the person that original made the observations. Always go to the original source rather than quoting secondary sources

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Edit your academic article writing: don’t give them an excuse to refuse to publish

Academic writing for a journal, academic presentation or other publication needs to be just as perfect as it would be if you were submitting your thesis for approval, in fact probably more so. It is vital that you get expert help with ensuring that your work is carefully edited to perfection paying special attention to ensuring that you follow the specific formatting guidelines of the journal and making sure that your work is completely error free. Your work must flow and read perfectly right from the opening line through to your closing if you are going to have your work accepted.

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