Tips on How to Improve your Personal Statement

Tips on How to Improve your Personal StatementWhy do you need to improve your personal statement?

Your personal statement is often the most important part of any application. Most of the time it is the only chance that you have to put your own personal case for being accepted. Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell them exactly who you are and why they should accept you. The problem is that many personal statements just look exactly the same as the last. You really have to have an outstanding personal statement if you want to guarantee your own selection. In addition, you may read more about how to apply for a job online on our site.

What makes a good personal statement?

Just what is a good personal statement? Improve yours so that is a statement that will grab the attention of the reader and tell them exactly what they want to hear without any distractions. But to do that you need to know exactly what the reader is looking for. Well there are two sides to this, firstly how you write and secondly what you write. So how to improve personal statement writing;

  • Choose an opening theme and use it to hold your statement together and provide flow
  • Ensure that your opening lines are interesting enough to get the reader’s attention
  • Make sure that everything that you write is relevant to the application
  • Stay concise and keep to the point
  • Don’t use clichés or obvious statements
  • Use your own words, don’t copy; this is about you
  • Don’t exaggerate the truth in any way
  • Use language that is appropriate

What should your personal statement cover

When looking at how to improve personal statement writing you need to very much consider what the actual reader wants to read. Even if your writing is perfectly executed and a compelling read if you don’t tell them what they need to hear you will still fail to get selected. You have to think very hard about what they want to know about you and ensure that you provide that information within your personal statement. So for a personal statement to get into college you will need to;

  • Convince the reader that you are passionate about the subject you wish to study
  • Show that you have to study to this level to achieve your long term goals
  • Demonstrate that you will be able to complete those studies and pass
  • Show why you would like to study here rather than elsewhere

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