Why’s and How’s for Academic Paraphrasing

So what is academic paraphrasing?

academic paraphrasingParaphrasing is repeating what has already been said or written in different words while maintaining the original meaning entirely. It is not summarizing which only repeats the main points and will reduce the length of a piece of writing considerably. Paraphrasing usually results in a piece of writing of similar length but it should not repeat the words and structure of the original and must maintain the full message of the original without additions. With our service, you can also get to know about the meaning of a reflective essay and a reflective essay structure.

Why do we use academic paraphrasing?

Academic writing will involve looking at what other academics have said within their research and more often than not will require you to repeat what they have said to inform your reader also. To do this you must attribute the work back to the original author so as to give credit for their original research and writing. Failing to give credit would leave you open to claims of plagiarism and could see your thrown out of college and your academic career destroyed.

But even with credit given it is not acceptable to provide excessive amounts of direct quotations of other academics work within your own research, it certainly should never exceed 10% of what you are writing yourself. You may also find that the original writing is not suitable for the audience that you are targeting or that maybe the original is poorly written and it needs to be improved. In summary you may wish to provide paraphrasing in academic writing to:

  • Show that you fully understand the original writing
  • Write the information in simpler language or language more suitable for your intended audience
  • You may wish to improve on what was written to make it clearer and easier to understand
  • To avoid any issues with plagiarism

However please note that even if you paraphrase work you should still provide a citation back to the original author to give credit for their original thinking.

So how do you do academic writing paraphrasing?

Academic paraphrasing means more than just going through the original writing and using a thesaurus to swap each word in turn for a synonym. This will not provide you with something that really means the same as the original nor will it read well, yet this is what some students try to do when they paraphrase. To do academic paraphrasing well you have to:

  • Read through the original writing to ensure that you understand it fully
  • Make notes of all of the points that the original raises
  • Write in your own words using the notes for guidance
  • Compare your paraphrased version to the original to ensure that it is differently worded but still maintains the original meaning

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