How to Make an Admission Essay

How to Make an Admission EssayThe importance of a good admissions essay

The admission essay is a vital part of the admissions process, in many cases far more important than just your qualifications and grades. Your personal statement or statement of purpose is your opportunity to tell the admissions committee exactly who you are and show how suited you are to the course that they have on offer. With so many other students competing with you for limited places it is vital that you use your admission essay to make yourself stand out. This is why you have to learn how to make an admission essay that will make you stand out.

How can you make your admission essay perfect?

Learning how to make an admission essay perfect is not going to be easy, but you need to do it if you are going to make yourself stand out and get selected. This means looking online at many examples of good admission essays to see how other people have written theirs and also looking at the various tips that people give. Not only must your personal statement say the right things it has to say it in the right way. Academic writing needs to be perfect, even when applying for a place. Anything less than perfect shows that you did not care enough to ensure that your work was checked thoroughly. So when learning how to make an admission essay you need to ensure that  you;

  • Select a theme that you can use to provide a story line for your essay, look at examples for ideas
  • Open with a hook, your first few sentences must be attention grabbing to get the reader’s attention
  • Remain relevant in what you write
  • Always maintain a positive angle on everything, don’t say you are applying here because you don’t like the alternatives; always state in a positive manner
  • Be precise in what you write, never use generalizations
  • Use language that is of an appropriate level, don’t try to be clever with a thesaurus
  • Clichés and obvious statements should be avoided, make every word count
  • This is a personal statement about you, don’t talk about others or copy
  • Humor should not be used

Ensuring that your admission statement is error free

When learning how to make an admission essay you will be told the importance of ensuring that your essay is free from mistakes. Simple spelling mistakes or sentences that just fail to flow together are enough to lose the interest of the reader and lose you that place. When you have written your admission statement you have to read it out loud so that you hear exactly how it sounds. Use your cell phone or computer to record yourself so you can hear. If anything sounds not right or if the sentences do not flow together logically you know that you have some work to do. Proofread your work carefully or even better seek out admission or writing effective personal statement help from friends or a professional service.

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