Basic Knowledge of an APA Format Essay

Basic Knowledge of an APA Format EssayWho would use an APA format essay?

APA style follows the requirements of the American Psychological Association and is detailed within the sixth edition of the publication manual which was released in July 2009. This style of writing is most typically used within the areas of the social sciences, nursing and business and is one of the most widely used of the academic styles either as it is written or with some modifications. Academic writing styles such as APA are used so that the writing will follow a common format enabling easy comprehension when conducting research. It ensures that everything is the same between different essays and papers so that the reader knows exactly where to look for information. Producing an APA style and format will help to establish your credibility as an academic writer.

Creating an APA format essay

An APA format essay will follow the same standard format at that detailed below, use these simple guidelines to ensure that your APA format essay is correctly laid out;

  • Margins should be uniform on all sides of the paper and at least one inch in size (Standard sized paper)
  • Text should be 12pt Times New Roman (recommended) and double spaced
  • A running head needs to be placed top left; shortened (50 characters) version of your essay title
  • Page number needs to be recorded in the top right corner
  • Title page needs to detail the essay title, your name and affiliation. If additional information is required your tutor should specify it
  • A reference list needs to form your final page and should alphabetically list all used source by authors name

Language use within your APA format essay

There are extensive rules for the use of language within academic writing which cover many different areas. These cover everything from spelling and punctuation to using bias-free language. It is best to review these rules before you start to write in APA format. Most of these rules are fairly common sense when you consider academic writing and common across most different styles of writing but it is often best that you familiarize yourself with the rules prior to writing to ensure that you follow them.

Getting help formatting your essay

The easiest way to format your APA essay is to download a readymade template that already has everything laid out in the required style. This will also help to ensure that you caver all of the basic elements of your essay. However do check that you are downloading it from a reliable source and check that it is correct before use.

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