Organizing Your Writing

organizing your writingConsiderations for Organizing Your Writing

When discussing the organization of your writing, what is being referred to is how you are presenting the information you are writing about. When writing an essay, research paper or other such works you are essentially presenting a case or making an argument for your point of view. You will want to present your information in the way that makes the best argument supporting your position. In this way statement of purpose editor can be helpful for you. The presentation of your information will depend on the type of argument you are using to support your case. The following is a list of organization patterns you might use to support your case:

  • Sequential/narration – Presenting evidence in the order in which it occurred.
  • Spatial – Describing the arrangement of something. Top to bottom left to right or other arrangements.
  • Process – steps necessary to a procedure.
  • Order of importance – From most to least important or least to most important, depending on which you feel works best.
  • Comparison – Present individual items and list characteristics, or list items by characteristics. Look at similarities and differences.
  • Cause and effect – Explaining an event and the connections to what caused it.

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Use of Paragraphs in Organizing Your Writing

The organization of each paragraph is important in the presentation of your points. After determining the overall pattern you will use in organizing your presentation you have a good idea the order in which you want to present your information/evidence. Commonly one paragraph is used to make each point in your argument supporting your case. The first sentence in the paragraph will present your point and the rest of the paragraph will support that point. Following the organizational pattern, you opted to use, write a paragraph on each point, with that point being stated at the beginning of the paragraph. This keeps focus on each point and helps prevent wandering around without ever arriving at a point. There is no set length for paragraphs. The point being made will determine paragraph length.

Tips to Use in Organizing Your Writing

Having good information is not enough to make a good paper if that information is not well presented. To help you organize tips on information presentation are given here:

  • Use an outline
  • Look at your information in different ways to determine which organizational structure best suits your argument
  • Organize based on what best suits you, not on how source material is organized
  • Make sure each paragraph is properly structured, with a clear statement for the first sentence, followed by supporting information.

A well-organized paper will make the best and most logical argument to support your thesis. Besides, you may read more about how to choose topic for a research paper by visiting our site!