Summarize Your Paper

Summarize Your PaperWhy Should I Summarize My Paper?

Students have been to known to often ask “Why should I summarize my paper?”When writing different types of papers such as a research paper or a critical analysis paper, there is a format and a structure of a paper that you are expected to follow. Part of that format includes an introduction that summarizes what your paper is about. A good introduction that summarizes a paper is difficult to write and execute well. Having to basically explain an entire paper in one paragraph forces you to write using clear concise sentences as well as helping you to organize your paper in such a way that it can be summarized in one paragraph. In general, a well-presented argument is easier to summarize.

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Can I Summarize My Paper Resources That I Use?

When writing a research paper there may be times when it is necessary for you to summarize either the paper your own paper is referencing or a paper that you intend to refer to as a source. Summarizing a paper is basically using your own words to say what the paper does in a shorter way. When summarizing a research article you are using, write your summary in the same order as the article presents its information. Your summary should be outlined as follows:

  • State the thesis of the paper
  • Relate the hypotheses being tested
  • Briefly describe what is being measured, how it is being measured, and how data was analyzed
  • Describe the results
  • Explain key implications of results

It is a summary so you don’t need a lot of detail. You want just that information that is relevant to your own paper. Be sure to give proper credit to the paper’s author. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing.

Tips and Guidelines to Summarize Paper Resources

When summarizing an article or paper to use as a reference in your own work make use of the following guidelines and tips to help in your summary:

  • Remove redundant information and information that is not important. If something is repeated several times in a paper it need not be in your summary.
  • Eliminate excess wordiness. Words like very or clearly that aren’t needed. Or like “excess” in the phrase “eliminate excess wordiness”. Removing excess doesn’t change the meaning.
  • Use clear and concise language. Don’t generalize. Use specific examples.
  • Rely more on paraphrasing as opposed to direct quotes.
  • Be sure that in summarizing and paraphrasing you don’t change the meaning of the material that you use.
  • Always give credit where it is due. When summarizing or paraphrasing you must still provide the necessary resource documentation to avoid plagiarism.

Summarizing a resource isn’t uncommon in writing a paper. It’s only not giving proper credit for the source of the information that makes it plagiarism.