Secrets of Successful Academic Report Writing

How Important Is Academic Report Writing?

academic report writing

Learning how to write an academic report is not easy, especially when you start to understand just how perfect your writing and formatting needs to be. Academic writing is a tough business and you have to ensure that your work is top quality if you are going to make an impact. Whether you are writing a tough assignment in high school or working on your PhD you will need to ensure that your writing is done to not only the very best of your abilities but also to the strictest of standards.

Tips for Academic Report Writing

An academic report will need to be written to a very strict format and you will need to ensure that you cover each section fully. Your report outline will help you to ensure that you put the right information in the right sections and provide a report that will get the best possible grades. The following writing tips will provide you with a basic academic report outline with guidance as to what needs to be covered:

  • Your academic paper introduction:
    • Provides an introduction to the area of research: sets the scene
    • Introduces the problem and shows its importance
    • Provides a summary of what is known about the problem in current research
    • Summarizes how you will approach solving the issue
  • Methods:
    • This section needs to justify the methods that you used. Don’t provide any results purely the actual methods that you have used to gather your research data. The detail should be sufficient for another researcher to replicate what you have done without having to refer back to you for more information
  • Provide your results:
    • Use tables and figures to illustrate your results
    • All should be numbered in the order in which they are cited within the text
    • All figures and tables must have a legend
    • Data can be in any order: aim for what provides the best logical flow for your report
  • Discussion section:
    • Put your results into context based on your initial research
    • Show where your results agree with your research or disagree. If they disagree explain why
    • Provide any conclusions that can be drawn
    • Highlight any questions that are raised
  • References
    • Ensure that all citations are done correctly and your references are listed. Format in the correct manner for your report
  • Final comments
    • Provide any final comments that you wish to make regarding your report

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Your academic report writing will follow a format similar to that above: however you do need to follow the specific guidelines and formats for your specific course. Once you have finished your writing you will need to carefully edit your work to ensure that your writing flows perfectly and does not contain any errors at all. Academic writing must be perfect.

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