The Importance of Writing a Personal Statement Well

The Importance of Writing a Personal Statement WellWhy is writing a personal statement so important?

There are a number of reasons for writing a personal statement from a personal statement CV to your application to college or university. Whatever the application is however the purpose of your personal statement is the same and that is to get you noticed and seen as someone that should be selected. This means providing the reader with the information that they need to make their decision and writing in a manner in which you will be noticed. This however is not something that is easy to achieve.

Following online advice when writing a personal statement

There are huge numbers of examples of personal statement formats and advice when it comes to writing your personal statement. Be careful however what you look at and what you follow. Some sites will suggest that you use a shocking opening to get the attention of the reader; while this may have worked once or twice in the past when the idea was original it will now be seen as an attempt to manipulate the reader. Personal statement examples also should be looked at carefully as many are just thrown on to sites to get traffic with little thought to the actual content. Look carefully at understanding what you need to cover when writing a personal statement and the style of writing that needs to be employed.

What do you need to cover when writing a personal statement?

The important thing here is to think carefully about who is going to read your personal statement and what it is that they are looking for in the way of information. So for an application to college the reader would be looking to see if you;

  • Have a real passion for the course you are looking to study
  • Have a clear understanding of how your studies will impact your future with regards your career
  • Have the necessary skills to complete the course
  • If you are going to contribute and benefit from their specific institution

If it were a personal statement CV you would be looking to impress a recruiter and you would need to;

  • Demonstrate that you have the specific skills they are looking for
  • Show you have the right qualifications and experiences
  • Clearly show that you are going to fit into the company

Getting your personal statement perfect

There is more to writing a personal statement than just getting the right content, it also has to be written in an impressive manner and totally free of mistakes. Simple silly mistakes that are missed when you review your work will quickly see your application rejected. If you have not spent the time to ensure that your statement is well written then they will assume that you are not really interested in the position. Ensure that you read your statement aloud to check how it sounds and proofread it thoroughly. Even better have others proofread it for you.

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