How to Write Personal Statement

How to Write Personal StatementWhy Do You Need a Well Written Personal Statement?

Your law, engennering or even pulmonary critical care fellowship personal statement is probably the most important part of any application. You will have to provide pages of information about courses studied and grades and the like but these facts and figures are going to be remarkably similar to those held by your competitors. In most cases places are limited and you are competing for a place so you need to ensure that your application makes you stand out. The only place where you get that opportunity is with your personal statement. This is your chance to tell the committee reviewing the applications that you are the perfect student to select for that place, if you cannot convince them then maybe someone else will steal your place; your personal statement has to make you stand out or you will lose your chosen place. This is why you need to learn how to write a personal statement.

How to Write Personal Statement Pages

Learning how to write personal statement cv means learning and understanding exactly what the committee are looking for. If you fully understand what the committee is looking for then you can ensure that your personal statement will say everything that it needs to get their attention. But you also need to ensure that your writing is done in a way that will get their attention and this means learning to write in an engaging style that does not waste any words. You only have a limited amount of space in which to write so you have to ensure that you make every single word count fully. When learning how to write personal statement pages you have to ensure that you write in the following way;

  • Open with a hook that will get the reader’s attention; much like a good newspaper article
  • Don’t make obvious statements such as “I hope to learn a lot”, they know that already
  • Never use clichés as it makes you look lazy
  • Stay positive, never say you are applying because you don’t like somewhere else
  • Stay relevant, don’t waste your word count
  • Stay concise, if it needs to be said in 10 words use 10 not 100
  • Use appropriate language, they will not appreciate having to find a thesaurus to understand you
  • Don’t use humor, not everyone will appreciate it
  • Never tell lies or exaggerate a situation
  • Remain personal
  • Never plagiarize
  • Ensure that your writing flows, it should read like a story
  • Use any personal statement format that they suggest

What Should Your Personal Statement Include?

Learning how to write personal statement pages is not easy if you want to get their attention. Your personal statement needs to cover the following areas if you are going to provide the committee with what they are looking for;

  • State how your interest in the subject arose and why you are interested
  • Show what has influenced your interest and how your views have changed
  • Provide information to show how these studies will fit into your career planning
  • Show that you have all of the skills required to study
  • State why this is your choice

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