Secrets of Successful Academic Assignment Writing

Can you make academic assignment writing easy?

academic assignment writing

Academic assignment writing is something that most students hate, not because they don’t like their subjects or that they don’t understand them but because it is so hard to write in a manner that is going to impress their tutors. So how do you do academic assignment writing in a way that is going to get you seen as a good writer and help you to gain the best possible grades? The following writing tips will give you some good ideas as to what you need to do to ensure that your writing is the best that it can be.

Create an outline for your academic assignment writing

Many students will just launch themselves into writing without any form of preparation and this will often result in you having to make multiple changes or having an assignment that just does not flow well. Creating a simple outline for any assignment is not difficult and it will help you to maintain your thoughts and notes in a logical manner. An outline does not have to be overly complicated and the standard outline for any essay style paper can be used:

  • Introduction
  • Main body: typically 3-5 paragraphs or sections that support the assertion made within your introduction
  • Your conclusion

Writing your academic assignment introduction

Your introduction is one of the most important parts of your assignment. Whether it is a short essay or a lengthy paper the introduction is where you need to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read your paper. Your introduction has to:

  • Open with a hook: an attention grabbing line that will arose the reader’s attention
  • Explain the background to your assignment: set the scene
  • Tell the reader the aim of your assignment
  • Provide them with your honors thesis writing or argument

The main body of your academic assignment writing

The main body of your assignment is where you actually make your argument: you should introduce between 3 and 5 main points that support your thesis. Each paragraph or section just discuss a single point:

  • Don’t use “I” and “You” within your academic article writing
  • Use examples to illustrate your points
  • Show the strengths and weaknesses of any argument
  • Ensure that you reference your sources properly and that they are credible
  • Use paragraphs: not bullet points
  • Use tables or figures to illustrate if necessary
  • Ensure that what you write flows and makes sense
  • Writing your conclusion for your academic assignment writing

The conclusion needs to be effective if you are going to ensure that your essay is going to be taken seriously and get the grades that you need. It does not have to be lengthy nor does it need to be complicated. It just needs to:

  • Restate the aim of the assignment and its context
  • Briefly summarize the main points: do not introduce more information or arguments at this stage
  • Show how your point is proved
  • Show the implications of what you have found, or suggest additional work

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