Tips for Writing an Essay in APA Format

Tips for Writing an Essay in APA FormatWhy do you need to write your essay in APA format?

The APA format essay is that specified by the American Psychological Association. The current version is their sixth edition publication manual and was published in 2009. It specifies how academic works should be formatted and written so that there is a common style allowing for easy comprehension. What this means is that when you wish to do research you will find all papers and other publications laid out and formatted in the same manner making it easier for you to seek out the information that you need. Not using the right format will ensure that your work will not be published. This style of writing is most used within the social sciences, business and nursing; it is the most commonly used style for academic writing.

How should you lay out an essay in APA format?

The APA style specifies how individual pages should be formatted to enable the document to readable and easily followed. These formats cover everything from your thesis to an essay. Your essay in APA style and format should be laid out and written in the following way;

  • Margins need to be of at least an inch and even top and bottom as well as left to right
  • The recommended test size and type for readability is Times New Roman 12pt font
  • All lines should be double spaced
  • A running head should be employed at the top left of every page. A running is a shortened version of your essay title which should be no more than 50 characters including spaces
  • Page numbers should be included at the top right
  • A separate title page needs to detail the title of your essay, your name and your affiliation
  • A final Reference page will detail all sources cited in your essay. These should be in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

Language use for APA style

Having your essay laid out correctly and writing a good essay is only a part of your journey here. You also have to ensure that your language use follows the various rules specified by the APA style. These cover everything from bias-free language use to how you should spell or use common words such as its or it’s. These rules are fairly comprehensive so you should review them before you begin writing your essay to ensure that you follow them. Often the easiest way is to have someone who knows much about custom writing and fully understands APA format proofread your work after you have finished.

Using and APA format essay sample

The best method to get you APA style essay correct is to use an APA format essay sample or template as a basis for your own writing. Ensure that you download from a reputable source and that it is correct however before you go ahead and use it. A template can help prevent a lot of problems at a later date and also ensure that you cover all of the required pages for your essay in APA format.

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