Best Tips for Wring in MLA Format

Best Tips for Wring in MLA FormatWhat is MLA style and why do we need it?

The Modern Languages Association style for formatting academic papers and citing sources is most commonly used within the humanities and the liberal sciences. It is a relatively clean and simple to use format and provides for a common look and system of referencing across papers. This ensures that papers are laid out in the same manner each time using the same conventions allowing other scholars and researchers to easily navigate through your work to find the information that they require. In addition, you may find more information about what is MLA format by visiting our site.

Our MLA guide to formatting your pape

This MLA guide will let you understand how your pages should be laid out to conform to the requirements of the MLA style of academic writing. For a more in depth guide you will need to read the full requirements with MLA manual. However our MLA guide will give you the basic information that you will need;

  • Paper size should be standard (8.5 by 11 inches) with 1 inch margins all around
  • A legible  font should be used such as Times New Roman where italics and regular text are easy to tell apart
  • Text should be 12pt and double spaced. A single space after a period (full stop)
  • Header should contain your surname and page number top right, ½ inch from the top of the paper
  • First page should have the following aligned to the left hand margin;
    • Name
    • Instructors Name
    • Class
    • Date
    • Paper Title should follow and be aligned to the center of the page
    • First line of each paragraph is required to be indented by ½ inch; use your tab key (5 spaces)

Your works cited page in MLA format

The page for works cited MLA format will be at the end of your paper and should follow the same style as the other pages in your document. It should be titled Works Cited and centered at the top of a new page. The easiest way to get this page and the other pages perfectly formatted for our MLA guide is to download a template from a known and reliable source. This will give you your paper already formatted according to MLA style in which to write. Of course you must ensure that your template is correct and not just use it blindly without checking. Besides, you may know more about how to use Harvard style formatting by visiting our site.

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