What is MLA format?

What is MLA formatWhy do you need to use an academic writing format?

A standard format used in academic writing allows other scholars to review your work knowing that the structure and style of your paper will be the same as others. This allows them to know where to look for the information that they are looking for, how you are referencing other authors works and a host of other information. A common structure allows for easy comprehension of academic works and using it shows you respect for other scholars. It also helps you to avoid being accused of plagiarism by citing works accurately within your works.

So what is MLA Format?

The Modern Languages Association style is generally used for writing papers and referencing work within the humanities and liberal arts. It provides guidance as to how to format individual pages and papers as well as how to cite your sources of information within your text. It also provides guidance on everything from your footnotes to your works cited or bibliography page. Besides, you may know more about how to use Harvard style formatting by visiting our site.

What is MLA format for your page?

When learning what is MLA format one of the first things you will want to understand is how to lay out your pages. The layout is quite simple and easy to follow and requires the following;

  • Margins should be 1 inch at all sides
  • Double space all text
  • Font size should be 12pt so legible
  • Use any legible font where italic and normal text are easily discerned from each other
  • Put surname and page number top right in the header ½ inch from the top
  • First page should start with your name, instructor, course and date each on separate lines. Paper title should then be centered on the following line using normal capitalization rules for titles
  • The first line of each paragraph should be indented ½ inch

Work cited MLA format

Citing the works that you are referencing within MLA style is relatively simple as you will discover when learning what is MLA format. It uses a simple author and page number system and then requires you to fully reference the work within your works cited page. In general MLA does not provide for a full bibliography but prefers the use of just those works that are cited within your paper. The citation should look as follows;

  • Morris extensively explored the use of language within the people of the western islands (192).
  • The languages of the western islands were extensively explored (Morris 192).

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