Best Tips For Email Etiquette

Best Tips For Email EtiquetteWhat is email etiquette?

Email etiquette is about using common courtesy, good manners and common sense when using email, especially in business. Email is now the number one method used for business communication, with many spending up to half their working day responding to different emails. When considering email etiquette, there are some rules set by employers, and violation of these rules may result in disciplinary action from the company you work for. Email etiquette rules that fall into this category include examples such as the following:

  • Use of profanity in company emails. This would include inappropriate humor or jokes.
  • Private emails dealt with on company time
  • Discriminatory statements and jokes

Different companies may have different specific rules. Usually they are made fairly clear to employees.When doing a business mailing of course you want to obtain the best results possible and to do this you may read some tips on our site.

Email etiquette regarding email structure

Email etiquette that deals with email structure is more a common courtesy than a rule. It is likely that many people may not be aware that they are violating any point of common courtesy. Some of the things that could be included in this category are included here:

  • Subject field -This is the portion of the email that should state the topic. For somebody dealing with emails 4 hours a day it is important that it properly indicates the topic. Use of all capital letters or all small letters may get it filtered as spam. Fill the subject field out in an appropriate manner
  • Formatting day to day business email in any way other than plain text. Spam filters may never let your mail through
  • Overly wordy. Using four or five paragraphs when one would do. Somebody reading hundreds of emails a week won’t want to wade through all the unnecessary material
  • If sending a large file by email, check to make sure that the person receiving the file has space in their email and is aware that its coming

The above are generally mistakes unintentionally made

Email etiquette includes content of emails as well as methods used to address people, and respond to emails. Some common mistakes that many consider violations of business email etiquette include but are not limited to those listed here:

  • Failure to respond promptly or not responding at all. Not only bad business practice but also rude. Responding immediately isn’t required. Just within a reasonable time frame.
  • Over use of shortcuts, slang, emoticons etc. Used in business, an email is a business communication much like a business letter.
  • Don’t forward chain letters or junk mail
  • Be careful in the way you use humor, especially with those you don’t personally know

The examples listed here are a small sample of thing covered by email etiquette. Application of a simple dose of common sense and good manners can eliminate many problems. Think before clicking send. Besides, improving the business language skills of managers and workers can be extremely beneficial to a company and help it in remaining competitive.

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