APA and MLA Writing Examples

APA and MLA Writing ExamplesWhy do you need to write in APA or MLA styles?

Academic writing needs to follow some basic rules so that fellow researchers and scholars are able to easily find their way around other works. If the same standards and rules are used for every paper then it is easy for someone to find the information that they are looking for. The rules also allow for simple system for writers to give credit to the authors of information that they have used in the writing of their own work. Failure to cite the sources of ideas and quotations could lead to accusations of plagiarism. So it is vital to use a common style when writing your academic paper. Besides, you may know more about MLA guide on our site.

Using APA style

Looking at any APA style example you will see that the papers are all formatted in a similar manner each time. The following is how your pages should be formatted for any paper written in APA style;

  • Margins should be even all around the paper and a minimum of 1 inch in size
  • The suggested font is Times New Roman and should 12pt size to be legible
  • A shortened version of the title (50 characters max called a running head) should be in the header top left
  • Page number should be in the header top right
  • Title page should be a page of its own, title should be centered and followed by name and affiliation under
  • The reference page will form your final page and should list authors cited in alphabetical order

Download an APA style example to use as a template

The easiest way to get your format right is to simple download an APA style example or template. Your template can then be used to ensure that your format is correct for the APA style of writing. However don’t just download from anywhere, use a well known site and still carefully check the format before you begin to ensure that it is correct.

Using MLA style

MLA style is that provided by the Modern Languages Association and is mainly used within the humanities and the liberal arts. It is a clean and easy to use style with some similarities to APA style. Again the use of an MLA example or template will be an easier way to understand exactly what is required. Download a template from a recognized and reputable source online and use that to ensure that your style is correct when you write just as you would the APA style example.

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